Take care of your team by working with Lewis & Carroll

Take care of your team.

It’s time to take care of your team.

Take care of them while working from home or in situations of higher risk in their jobs, and it’s also time to think about preparing them for a return to the new normal.

Companies are required by law to protect the health of workers in their psychosociological and ergonomic fields, in short, they must take care of the physical and emotional health of workers.

But even without having a law that obliges us, it is wise to take care of what sustains the company. Steps 1 through 6 focus you on D-Day by pressing the throttle pedal, starting to see your competitors through the rearview mirror.

You’re going to run a new business on D-Day, more relevant, more robust, more stimulating, better accompanied. But don’t forget the pit equipment. It’s no use speeding up if you don’t have any fuel left.

The human team, along with the economic resources, are the gasoline of your business.

Technology is necessary, emotional management is essential.

Technology is helping us implement telework, but we must not assume that this change is just the way we are connected.

You have to learn how to organize, manage time and reconcile family and work. And maybe not everyone has the skills or emotional strength to deal with this new situation.

Strengthening the team by giving the guidelines to organize the work making use of the different technologies, training and accompaniment,will allow the projects to continue to advance.

And you also have to look for moments of relationship, disconnection and promote digital dishooking.

The emotional impact has your bill. We are all doing our part, but ultimately it is the people who do the company; we can be your best ambassadors, if we feel recognized, cared for, in addition to aligning with the values manifested in the purpose of the company.

Earn time while preparing actions and measures to keep your team in the new normal.

We transmit our energy in the services and products we offer, from management to those in operational functions.

Do you know how confinement is affecting your team’s ability to concentrate, stress levels, motivation, or creativity? Or something as practical as, how are you resisting your backs for working from your living room chairs these days?

And as a team leader, how do you feel leading a team from a distance, is technology empowering or weakening your leadership skills? Perhaps some compensation in the form of time, training or physical care when we can leave would be very well received.

And in the meantime, I’ve been able to see that sending a box of fruit to the homes of each team member has an emotional impact… beyond vitamins!

We can help you.

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