Digitize your skills by working with Lewis & Carroll

Digitize your skills.

It’s time to digitize your skills.

If you’ve stopped, maybe now you realize that having an open Social Media account isn’t enough.

That the Facebook page you opened one day is not working for you, that the Instagram channel does not even have a post posted, that on the Linkedin account you have no contacts and also do not know how to go looking for them.

Having a cool iPad that you get the most out of watching Netflix, the latest generation of Smartphone that saves photos that will be lost in the vastness of the memory card and wifi with the bandwidth that you don’t end up even playing online the latest in Final Fantasy with all your friends is not enough.

Because digitization is not achieved with equipment, but with skills.

Process automation through the use of technology is only one part of digital transformation.

A website with a form is not interactive, and perhaps now more than ever you realise how dissatisfied it is with your other business management systems.

If that’s the way in with your contacts, you can now take time to find a management software that allows you to optimize your business process by automating contact management (CRM).

If the control of your sales follows the method of pointing it all down in an Excel, don’t think you’ve made much more progress in digitizing your business than when you took note in a notebook; How about looking for ERP solutions?

But, as my partner José Antonio Rodríguezsays, the tool makes the habit, and I would say that, in this case, the tool contributes to the transformation of professionals into digital.

The digital tool not only transforms the motor capabilities of your fingers but changes the way you think your business, gives you alternative approaches, awakens new possibilities. It has almost the same effect as 8D music.

Gain time at the time by training in what digital transformation really means and how, by developing your digital skills and capabilities, your business can leverage it.

Giving you visibility into Social Media, you or your company, strengthens and expands your professional growth capabilities.

29% of people in the world use social networks for professional purposes; that is, they are making relationships to find collaborators, suppliers, customers. They’re giving visibility to their businesses to expand markets.

To do this, you not only have to have an account, but you also have to understand the medium and have the digital and personal skills to energize relationships. If you don’t know what the difference is between a personal profile and a company page on a Social Network, start there.

Network users are generous in nature, they understand the Network as an eminently social place, where generosity sharing information becomes relationships and relationships in business.

We can help you.

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